Collection: FW2223 Andromeda Collection

The inspiration for this winter collection came from the celestial vault. From the stars that led to its discovery to the women astronomers who studied it, we explored the theme of the Andromeda galaxy, around which an infinite number of possibilities revolve.

Sky-watching may be mystical and soothing for many, but for scientists such as Henrietta Swan Leavitt and Vera Ruben, it would be the source of major discoveries that would lead them to Andromeda. Indeed, it was by studying Cepheids - stars of varying luminosity - that Henrietta first brought to light the possible existence of another galaxy, Andromeda. For her part, it was by focusing on this galaxy that Vera contributed to the discovery of dark matter.

These women have lived in obscurity in a male-dominated scientific environment, and have had to fight for their ideas. Just think of Annie Cannon, who came up with the classification of stars based on their spectral characteristics. Although world-renowned as an expert in astronomy, she was not made a full astronomer by Harvard until the age of 75.

We hope to pay tribute to them and stimulate your interest in astronomy. In this collection, you'll find fluidity, transparency and layering, in the image of the firmament. Colors and materials have been chosen with the principle that they should endure over time, and that they should be able to "stand out" from the crowd.

Like a star, let yourself shine, because it's also a tribute to all you beautiful, dazzling women!

 Shine bright like a star!