Collection: SS2021 Picnic on the grass

For this beautiful season, we drew our inspiration from a favorite theme of the Impressionist painters. Manet and other major names in this artistic movement were influenced by the profound human need to come together. In the summer of 2021, more than 150 years later, this desire to gather has never been greater. With the festive rhythm of sunny days, we'll be fulfilling this need to create precious moments with the people we love. So, together, we'll enjoy the warm afternoons in the little corners of vegetation that surround us. A few friends, a drink in hand, a shady spot and you're all set! So, this summer, we're taking you out to a picnic on the grass!

To help you make the most of these moments, we've put together a colorful and comfortable collection. Fifteen new models plus underwear, all made from soft, natural fibers. Linen is a textile material with exceptional qualities of comfort and thermoregulation. In addition to being highly resistant, it becomes more elegant and supple over time. It's an environmentally-friendly fiber, since its cultivation requires little fertilizing or pesticide spraying. Our organic cotton knitwear is Oeko-tex certified, one of the highest standards in the textile industry. Every stage in the production of the fabric is controlled to ensure that it contains no chemicals harmful to health or the environment. The same goes for tencel and woven viscose, in which we've created flowing, summery pieces that will adapt to your everyday life and movements.

Once again this season, you'll be delighted to see our hand-drawn silkscreens featured on some of our cotton pieces. We've crafted timeless cuts, while daring bright colors and a few bolder touches. However, there's one thing that's very much part of the brand's DNA and that will never change: every stage of production is carried out right here in Quebec, and always with a marked concern for the environment.

From all our team, bon été! Cheers!