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Eve Lavoie - Designer

High Laurel

High Laurel

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Women's clothing size

Top Laurel $139

When simplicity isn't banal! Style has never been so easy. This little top will take you out for a drink, to the store or to work. It has irresistible sleeves that fall with femininity and finesse. It's a piece from the collection that can be paired with everything else, whether worn with a cotton skirt or the outside of jeans, under a jacket or with linen pants.

This model is made small.

Available in sienna, vichy, florals or savannah.


  • Sienna: 100% tencel oeko-tex certified
  • Savanna and flowers: 100% certified oeko-tex viscose
  • Vichy: 70% rayon 30% bamboo

CARE Ideally, wash in cold water on a gentle cycle and hang to dry.

Made in Montreal.

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