Collection: SS2022 Botanical Collection

Picture yourself at the heart of an immense tropical forest, where the flora and fauna, the fruit growing on the trees, the flowers and the animals, are all part of a single, complex, dynamic space. Each element is both dependent on and inseparable from the other, creating a unique and essential space.

This concept of unity has guided the creation of this collection, which is as lively as tropical vegetation, where all the pieces, like an ecosystem, blend together. Our models are designed to let you mix and match and have fun with the bright, inspiring colors of tropical flora. To achieve this, we've opted for airy, feminine cuts and fluid fabrics that let you move freely like a banana leaf in the breeze.

In this new collection, we've put the spotlight on reversible pieces and solid colors that can be juxtaposed, as well as on patterns that can harmonize with our flagship colors, all without ever setting aside the softness and quality of fabrics that will stand the test of time. The vast majority of our designs are made from oeko-tex certified organic cotton, and will retain their shape and vibrant color. Fabrics are chosen for their ecological and ethical properties. This season also sees the return of Eve's hand-drawn images, screen-printed in our workshop.

It's a collection designed to simplify your life without skimping on elegance and style. It's clothing conceived as much for everyday wear as for a wild adventure in the heart of nature!

Happy summer 2022!